Re: B777-300/B777-300ER???

Date:         17 Jan 99 02:37:23 
From: (Mike Schmitt)
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>Boeing still offers both models of the 777-200 because there is a
>(limited) market for the less capable non-IGW model.  Not a very big
>market, perhaps, but United ordered a few more for domestic use last
>year.  That's the only non-IGW order I'm aware of since the IGW became
>available, but once the Asian financial crises eases there could be
>orders from that region for regional routes where the 777-300 is too

Karl --

Do you know what UAL 777 airplanes are IGW versus not?  Did UAL use
the N-numbers sequentially, i.e. 760-780 for the standard lot, and
781-790 for the IGWs?  Or are they randomly scattered?