Re: 747 "smoke" trail

Date:         12 May 99 02:49:15 
From:         "Edward Lee" <>
Organization: SEEDNet News Service
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>A couple of days ago, I was looking at a 747-400 pass over my house at
>about 5000 feet on landing vectors to SFO.  While watching, I noticed a
>white stream of smoke or mist starting to come from the tailcone area.
>This continued for a short period of time, leaving a 10-15
>airplane-length trail in the sky.  I assume this smoke had something to
>do with the APU.  However, I have watched a *lot* of jets and never seen
>this before.

I've been on an B747-400 full loaded taking off from LAX for
Taipei, Taiwan, the mist generated from the wing due to high
moisture and high differential pressure between the upper and
lower surface of the wing were so intense that I couldn't see
through it. I guess it might be the same thing that you saw
coming out from the big jet.

Edward Lee
Pilot, China Airlines