Re: Are cargo planes generally old ?

Date:         12 May 99 02:49:02 
From: (Wile.E.Coyote)
Organization: ACME Products Test Facility
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Well, one explanation :

Cargo does not eat, complain or require stew`s.
Therefore, after a plane is too "beat up" to take pax, they convert it
to freighter, and haul cargo until the end of its useful life.

BUT you might have seen older ships, with retrofitted ENGINES.
Therefore getting the better performance / fuel consumption.

When it comes to maintenance cost, you are right, the older itgets the
more money it costs. Also, usually the older ships require 3 man
cockpits., But that is not too bad, as you usually need a loadmaster,
which then will be done by the flight engineer.

But to set off the maintenance cost, consider the lower acquisition
cost of the airplane. Old ships are cheap, and require less investment
/ loan or lease  payments. That saved money can be used to maintain
the fleet, and so if it is cheaper to maintain the old goose, than to
finance a new ship (including training necessary for your crews) then
just keep the old one.

Plus, cargo as i mentioned above, doesn`t care for the "looks" as
passengers do.

Hope this helps.