Re: Are cargo planes generally old ?

Date:         12 May 99 02:49:00 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>Some operators such as FedEx and Cargolux buy brand new.  Fedex mixes
>converted passenger aircraft and brand new aircraft such as the MD11.

FedEx has relatively few large jets which they bought new.  About
two-thirds of their MD-11s came from MD, but the rest came from AA
with more of those coming as AA gets their 777s.  Their A300-605F
fleet came straight from Airbus, though their A310s are all former
passenger aircraft.  15 of their 727-200s were bought new, including
the last 727 built, but the vast bulk of their 727 fleet came from
passenger carriers.

Their huge fleet of propellor aircraft all appear to have been bought

>Cargolux are a big operator of all new B747 - 400s.

I think they'll be 100% 747-400F in the near future.  There's an article
about them in the latest AW&ST.

Atlas Air is also a large 747-400F operator, having just excercised two
options to bring their total up to 12, five of which have already been
delivered.  The bulk of the Atlas fleet consists of 747-200F models,
only one of which was actually built as a freighter.

Singapore, Cathy Pacific, and Korean are also 747-400F operators.
Lufthansa has both 747-200F and MD-11F freighters which were built as
freighters.  (Korean still has some MD-11Fs but they're converted from
passenger aircraft.)

There are plenty of built-new freighters out there if you know where to
look, but they tend to be the exception because of the economics, as
others have pointed out.

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