Re: Are cargo planes generally old ?

Date:         12 May 99 02:48:57 
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On 29 Apr 99 22:10:01 , "Frank Muenker" <> wrote:
>I recently noticed on various trips that cargo planes seem to be generally
>very old.
>I've seen lots of 727, DC10-30, 747-100 and even DC-8/707, but hardly ever
>any new aircrafts.
>Shouldn't cargo airplanes have the same problems/calculations concerning
>fuel consumption, maintenance costs, etc. ?
>This observation might be wrong, but if not: is there any logical
>explanation ?

Several. Some of them are not used all that much (2 flights a day 6
days a week) such as for courier companies (FedEx, UPS, etc.) so it
doesn;t make too much sense to tie up all that capital in newer planes
when you can get there old ones for next to nothing.

Freight tends to be cheaper too with more volumetric efficiency and no
catering/cabin crew costs.  I guess the relative yields are quite good
and unless you are taking on long-distance hauls (such as trans
oceanic), a newer aircraft makes little sense.

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