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Date:         12 May 99 02:48:55 
From:         "Jerry" <>
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timma wrote in message ...
>Can anyone tell me how we survive breathing oxygen above 12K in aircraft
>without oxygen masks??

The human body, while in a sitting position and not under
forces of acceleration can function quite well on the
oxygen that exists up to 14,500 feet.

Many people in excellent physical shape and people used to
very high altitudes (people who live in the Andes and
Himalayas) are adapted to being able to function on
reduced oxygen at even higher altitudes.

All aircraft that operate commercially and carry passengers
for service MUST provide means for emergency oxygen if the
aircraft service ceiling is above 14,500 feet.

If the aircraft does not provide this, they are limited
to altitudes no higher than 14.5.

Over the years, there have been a few depressurization
incidents on jet aircraft that occurred shortly after
takeoff where the masks did NOT drop. The reason why they
didn't is that, below 10,000 MSL you don't need them.

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