Re: 707 window thoughts

Date:         12 May 99 02:48:45 
From: (Jim1inDC)
Organization: AOL
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Recently I sat next to a "missing window" on both a 737-300 and a 747-(200?)
and could hear, on both, the unmistakable ROAR of air headed from below to the
overhead air conditioning.  I've noticed that most Boeing (and many Airbus', as
I recall) have this 'missing window' arrangement, and that it's usually near
the leading edge of the wing.  Perhaps the compressed air from the engines is
fed to the packs, which might be close to the engines to reduce ducting length
(and thus weight).  And this air is then sent on the shortest path to the
overhead AC vents (again to save weight).

On the Lufthansa 747-400, on the other hand, the upperdeck on the aircraft's
right has the second and next-to-last cabin windows plugged.  The two solitary
windows are for the lavs... Spacious, and you can stand there and look out.
You can't sit there and look out, though.  Grins.

So it seems that "windows that never were" can be for A/C.  Plugs are usually
for galleys, lavs and the like.

Jim Brevard
jbrevard at various... aol hotmail yahoo ba-ld etc.