Re: Books on airline disasters?

Date:         12 May 99 02:48:36 
From: (leon wise)
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Depending on why you want such a book, that might determine which
book to search for.  Below are four from my collection......

AIR DISASTERS by Stanley Stewart from Barnes and Noble

   It covers 11 different airline disasters from the older British
   Comet through the Tenerife 747 disaster to the Korean shootdown.

THE FINAL CALL: Why airline disasters continue to happen.

   Written for popular consumption.

COLLISION COURSE: The Truth About Airline Safety by Nader and Smith

   It questions the government's role, or lack of it, in airline
   accidents.  Ralph Nader, remember him?

JUST IN CASE by Johnson

   It's really a passenger's guide to airplane safety and survival.
   Or what to do to protect yourself when you travel by air.

If I had to pick just one, it would be the AIR DISASTERS book.  If you
wish you can try their on-line service via the internet.

Good luck!


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