Re: Books on airline disasters?

Date:         12 May 99 02:48:33 
From: (Katie Schwarz)
Organization: University of California, Berkeley
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David Yeh  <> wrote:
>Can someone recommend a good book on airline disasters?  I know there are
>a couple out there, but I can't get all of them, so I'm looking to get one
>of the better ones.  I'm mainly interested in modern jet aircraft.

Two that I thought were very good:
_Destination Disaster_ (1976) by Paul Eddy -- about the 1974 crash of
a DC-10 in Paris when a cargo door blew out and the plane became
uncontrollable.  Very thorough background, covering the entire history
of the Douglas Company, its merger with McDonnell and the effects on
corporate culture, the competition with Lockheed, the earlier "dress
rehearsal" accident and the ineffective attempts by the FAA and McD-D
to fix the problem.  Lots of comparison to other aircraft types and
other safety issues, such as deep stalls of T-tail aircraft; I learned
a lot about the history of the airline industry from this book.

_Beyond Aviation Human Factors_ (1995) by Daniel E. Maurino --
chapters on several different airline accidents attributed to "pilot
error", and analysis of the systems that failed to prevent the error.

Katie Schwarz
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