Re: the use of titanium in commercial planes

Date:         04 Jan 99 22:20:39 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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At 03:12 AM 12/29/98 +0000, you wrote:
>>Can anyone please tell me how many pounds of titanium a Boeing 777 uses?
>>Is this the largest amount of any plane? If so, what plane uses the next
>>largest amount?
>Could be wrong, but I think you'll find the AN-124 and 225 are the
>largest users of Ti

Actually I suspect the largest amount of Titanium was probably used on
the SR-71. It is a Titanium Aircraft.

Titanium is a very difficult metal to machine, hence it tends to be
utilized in places where extreme performance is required, and justifies
the very high fabrication costs.

I believe the fan disks in most large tubo fan engines are titanium (at
least the one that flew out of a CF6 that caused the Sioux City crash
landing was)..I doubt there is a lot of titanium in most civilian
aircraft outside the engines.

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