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Date:         29 Apr 99 22:12:04 
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Michael & Iain Butler <> wrote:

>Karl Swartz wrote:
>> That would be Midway Island.  Easter Island also (barely) plugs a big
>> hole for 180-minute ETOPS rules, but it's in the South Pacific.  An
>> example of a route which depends on it is Santiago to Papete;
>LAN Santiago - Papeete services stop at Easter Is.  This raises an
>interesting question.  If the airport at Easter Is is open for
>take-off but not landing (eg low cloud) could an ETOPS aircraft
>take off given that once airborne it will not have an operating
>airport within 180min.

It depends on the forecast weather and the minimums the the particular
operator requires for ETOPS.  Most ETOPS operators only require the
"Adequate" airfields to be above landing minimas and not the higher
alternate minima.

An interesting aside, to operate into Easter Island, only one aircraft
can operate within it's PNR at one time.  That is, if one aircraft is
departing Easter Is. it must pass it's PNR before an aircraft
operating into Easter Island can pass it's PNR.  Just in case the
runway is blocked by one of them then the other would have nowhere to