Re: FedEx MD-10 Rollout

Date:         29 Apr 99 22:12:02 
From: (Neil Wagner)
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On 30 Mar 99 01:53:49 , wrote:
>AFAIK, there are *no* visible difference between the MD-10 and the DC-10F.

If you have a clean view of the left side of the fuselage forward of
the wing, you'll see the MD-10 has the same outflow valve as the
MD-11 --- 2 pieces with a vertical split line versus the weird
3-piece arrangement of the DC-10.  Otherwise, I think you're right
that there are no other visible differences.

>Winglets and tailcone are each supposed to be worth a couple of % off the
>fuel consumption. Anyone know why FedEx didn't add these to the MD-10 as
>well, given that they pretty much had to rip the airplanes up for the cargo
>and then the MD-10 conversion?

I think the idea was to keep the basic airframe as untouched as
possible, only going in where they had to for the upgraded systems
(and added cargo door if converting from a passenger plane).

Neil -