Re: FedEx MD-10 Rollout

Date:         29 Apr 99 22:12:01 
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>AFAIK, there are *no* visible difference between the MD-10 and the DC-10F.
>The only differences are internal: ie 2-man crew, and associated improvements
>to the avionics (basically, installing the MD-11 avionics suite).

Just a minor clarification... The MD-10 is NOT using the MD-11
avionics suite. The MD-10 will be getting a VIA based system, similar
to that installed on the 777 (AIMS) and the 737NGs as well as flat
panel displays. The MD-11 is an older CRT system.

The confusion arises because the new system will look & feel (display
formats, CDU pages) the same, allowing for a common type rating.