Re: incident at SFO with United 747-400

Date:         29 Apr 99 22:10:44 
From:         Frank Jenkins <>
Organization: Savantics Inc.
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Gerard Foley wrote:
> jdhil ( wrote:
> : [snip]
> The rest of the currency is maintained in the simulator.
> If the simulator is any good, what's the difference?
> [snip]

>From what I read, the simulator *wasn't* good at simulating the response
of the aircraft with the engine out and the ailerons (rather than the
rudder) used to compensate.  Apparently there was a lot of stall buffet
and stick shaking.

United is planning on upgrading the simulator responses, and you can
bet  that all the 747 pilots will get lots of practice handling that
particular engine-out procedure.