Re: 767 Landing Gear

Date:         29 Apr 99 22:10:27 
From:         "John McLaren" <>
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When the 767 was being designed the main gear was going to retract exactly
perpendicular into the wheel well. The second customer, American Airlines
had a requirement to operate the 767 at Laguardia. The original landing
gear design would have imposed a weight penalty at Laguardia since the
runway is partially(?) built on a pier over the water.

In order to get a reasonable weight on the runway Boeing had to spread out
the weight footprint.  The landing gear had to be moved wider apart and
more aft from the nose gear. The main gear strut has a bend in it to move
the gear outboard and aft. I believe the attachment point on the wing was
also moved slightly but I am not sure.

At any rate, the design was far enough along that Boeing didn't want to
relocate the wheel well. So to get the more aft mounted gear to retract
into the original wheel well the gear has to be tilted to fit.