Re: Crosswind landings in 777

Date:         29 Apr 99 22:10:23 
From: (Luitbert Schindhelm)
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Ken Ishiguro wrote:
> I am accustomed to the crabbing method being used on airliners.
> However, I noticed that the 777's were using the sideslip method.  Why
> is this method used on the 777's and no other types?  (All the 777's I
> saw landing were UA- is it peculiar to UA training)?

as far as I know, it depends on the Airline (and maybe on the Pilot)
which method will be preferred.
The big disadvantage of crabbing into the wind is, if the pilot
cancelles crabbing to early, the aircraft may leave the runway, and if
he is to late, the aircraft may not have a landing gear any more.
(However, the B747 can tilt the wheels of the main landing gear, so that
the aircraft can touch down with a crab angle).
The second method, the sideslip, might be the better method, especially
when the crosswind is very strong. However, it looks a bit freightening
to the passengers.