707 window thoughts

Date:         29 Apr 99 22:10:05 
From:         emtgx@aol.com (EMTGX)
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The movie Bullitt is of course famous for its car chases, but I had forgotten
that the last third takes place at SFO, with a lot of ramp action and fabulous
shots of vintage Pan Am 707's.
For me, the reason why the 707 is still unparalleled in elegance is that long
straight row of evenly spaced windows. More recent airliners (as well as the
pistons before) have irregular window patterns.
My question is, when a window seems to be "missing" in a modern jetliner, is it
dictated by interior design (restroom perhaps) or by structural necessity
I understand that structural necessity must be the reason for the A300's
slightly angled window line...

General Tso