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Date:         19 Apr 99 02:22:35 
From: (John Wright)
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On 30 Mar 99 01:53:20 , in <airliners.1999.337@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Don
Stauffer wrote:
>I am working on a book on the internal combustion question, and wonder
>about two questions.
>1) what was the largest piston engine ever used on an aircraft?

The largest piston engine produced for an aircraft was probably the
Lycoming (surprise, surprise) XR-7755, although it may not count since
"no application was ever announced" according to Bill Gunston. He says
this was the "biggest one-unit piston engine and one of the heaviest
aero-engines of all time". It was run at 5,000 hp in 1944 and "aimed at
7,000hp". This was designed under a US Army contract of 1941, but only
built as a prototype. The largest to go into service may well have been
the P&W R-4360 Wasp Major, which gave up to 3,750 hp. If the
turbo-compound version had been proceeded with, it would have been not
far short of 5,000hp. One might also claim (as a British person) the
Bristol Centaurus 20, which powered the Brabazon. Two Centaurus engines
were ganged together giving 4,720hp, with a total capacity of 6,540 Purists might say this was *two* engines though, not one. and it
only flew in prototype form...

>2) what is the largest aircraft piston engine still in production?

Don't know.

John Wright