Re: C5 Galaxy at SFO?

Date:         19 Apr 99 02:22:28 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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At 01:53 AM 3/30/99 +0000, you wrote:
>On 17 Mar 99 01:25:02 , (David Bromage) wrote:
>>Hugh Dickson ( wrote:
>>> Aloha,   Could have been the support stuff for Al Gore's visit
>>> to SFO on 3/8.  The secret service used to use C-141
>>Always? They brought a C-5 to Australia when Clinton visited. The pilot
>>took some convinging that he'd have to do a 180 at the end of the runway
>>at Canberra as it was too heavy for the taxiway.
>GOR (General Operational Requirement) (of the C-5) included:
>     take-off at maximum weight from a 2,44km (8,000ft) runway;
>     landing on a 1,22km (4,000ft) semi-prepared strip;
>and as they have been often flown from dry dirt strips, it is doubtful
>it was too heavy for the taxiway if that taxiway could handle any
>The 'light footprint' is accomplished by spreading out the weight over
>a larger number of wheels... as is shown in one of the pictures on the
>following page:

707s are actually worse than C-5s in the 'overweight for runway' area.
I just spent several weeks flying around the top end  of Australia in a
light aircraft, and the restrictions on taxiway/parking areas according to
the  CASA book  are strictly weight, there is no allowance at all in the
book for how it is spread out.  Many taxiways are only rated for 5730kg
(about 12,500 pounds), if you exceed the magic number, the pencil pushers
don't care how the weight is spread, you are breaking the regulations, and
will be prosecuted!

Reminds me of an experience a few days ago. I had a TSO'd GPS, and a flight
attendant was telling me I couldn't turn it on in the aircraft (on the

(Even though the GPS in question  was clearly certified for Aircraft use,
and the agency that makes such approvals will issue them  based  on an  FAA
TSO without futher discussion).

I don't remember the exact figure, but my recollection is the manual tells
you at Canberra, if you weigh over 30,000kg, you MUST use the runway ends
to turn around, full stop. That is simply the regulatory mentality in that
part of the world.

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