Re: incident at SFO with United 747-400

Date:         19 Apr 99 02:22:24 
From: (Gerard Foley)
Organization: The Greater Columbus FreeNet
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jdhil ( wrote:
: night, IFR departure in a 747-400.
:  The a/c lost #3 just after lift off.
: The long and short of the article is the admitted utter failure of
: "basic flying technique" due to low generalized low pilot proficiency in
: landing / take off maneuvers.  Some pilots were said to actually land
: the a/c manually only once every few months.  The rest of the currency
: is maintained in the simulator.

If the simulator is any good, what's the difference?  The frequent hands
on landing of the ''real'' airplane when there is no emergency gives no
more experience with the response to the emergency than the simulator
does.  I hope we are not proposing that we shut down #3 every once in a
while on a night takeoff from SFO with passengers just for training!