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Date:         19 Apr 99 02:22:22 
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>The current issue of Aviation Week (April 12) has an advertisement (page
>78) for a 747 being sold "as is, where is" for salvage due to accident
>damage.  It is a 747-400 serial number 26400.  Does anyone know the
>history of this aircraft, what accident occurred, and where it is?

It's a PW4096-powered 747-4B6, registration HL7496, delivered to Korean
Air Lines in June of 1996.  Last August (I don't know the exact date),
it was operating KE 8702 NRT-SEL.  After diverting to Cheju due to bad
weather, it eventually continued to Seoul.  Apparently the #1 thrust
reverser did not deploy and it veered to the right at about 90 kts.  It
ran off the runway, whereupon the outboard left main landing gear became
mired in mud and was torn off.  The aircraft then veered to the left and
the remaining three main landing gear posts were sheared off in a
drainage ditch.  18 injuries though no fatalities; about $100 million in
damage to the aircraft.

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