Re: how does the ILS really work on the B757/767

Date:         19 Apr 99 02:22:16 
From:         "Paul MacDougall" <>
Organization: IGS - Information Gateway Services
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Thanks for the replies guys....

I have been on the B757/B767 for about two years and yes you do have to dial
in the localizer frequency and the front course heading manually. the FMC
will not autotune it...

I have been in a situation where the wrong front course heading was dialled
in and the airplane did not capture the localizer, even though you could see
it on the ADI display....

no I didn't watch it go through the localizer, used heading select  to
correct and then realized that the wrong front course was set in. So I go
back to my original question, why didn't it capture? the system obviously
needs the proper heading to capture. the AOM (aircrew operating manual)
doesn't say much, so I wondering about the inner workings