Re: ID'ing aircraft [Re: AA 777-200IGW]

Date:         19 Apr 99 02:22:12 
From:         Trevor Fenn <trevfenn@That'>
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> >careful as the russian IL96 I think it is which is a copy of the A300
> >also has this feature. When the russians copy something they copy
> >everything it seems.
> If the Il-96 is supposed to be a copy of the A300, it must have been
> copied by Russians who had double vision -- the Il-96 has four engines
> while the A300 is of course a twin.

That's quite true of course. At that time the Russians had no suitable
high bypass ratio engines so the Russian Airbus has four low bypass
engines. If you ever have a chance to see one take a look along the
window line, the windows also sweep up towards the tail just as they do
on the Airbus.

Trevor Fenn