Re: Stand-by instruments (was external inspection)

Date:         13 Jan 99 02:13:54 
From:         felton@Princeton.EDU (Phil. G. Felton)
Organization: Princeton University
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> >You may not be aware that the flight instruments in newer transports are
> >electrically driven instruments; that is to say breaking the VSI or
> >other pressure gauge might work in a light plane but will not recover
> >the pitot-static system ...

Well it wouldn't work in a pressurized plane anyway.  I'd be surprized
if all the instruments on the modern planes were all electric.  Even on
a light plane like a Cessna there are vacuum driven gyros and elect
driven gyros to prevent total system dropout in case of a power failure.
There's usually an alternate static source provided (external static
ports do get blocked in icing conditions sometimes).  Of course you have
to recognize when you need it!