Re: Why no Tristars?

Date:         19 Apr 99 02:22:07 
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> I see plenty of DC10's and older 747's, but I
> never see a Tristar these days.  Why is that?  Did the marque fall
> from commercial favour or dod Lockheed withdraw support....or did they
> just _go_ somewhere?

There are certainly some left in Europe, Icelandic carrier Air Atlanta
have a number on charter work and there are some others working charter
routes out of the UK too.

It was never all that common an aircraft with European operators, or
even that common compared to DC10's and B747's.

British Airways and Air Portugal were the main European users and both
have disposed of their fleets for reasons of operating economics.
Incidentally Delta have also stopped using the L1011 on the Atlantic, so
most visits from now on are likely to be from Canadian operators such as
Air Transat.

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