Re: Why no Tristars?

Date:         19 Apr 99 02:22:05 
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> 	Sorry if this is an obvious question: I've checked the FAQ and
> it doesn't seem to be there.  The question is: having travelled in the
> US, Europe and Asia, I see plenty of DC10's and older 747's, but I
> never see a Tristar these days.  Why is that?  Did the marque fall
> from commercial favour or dod Lockheed withdraw support....or did they
> just _go_ somewhere?

In the US, Delta and ATA still fly TriStars.

But yes, TriStars are getting harder to fly on. As are DC-10s, for that
matter, but there are still many more DC-10s around. Why? For one, many more
DC-10s were built than TriStars. Lockheed ceased production in the early
1980s, but support is still available (if you mean parts etc). Second, most
TriStars were relatively short-range, and so were replaced by big twins

Stefano Pagiola
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