Re: Why no Tristars?

Date:         19 Apr 99 02:22:01 
From: (boeing707)
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Re your question on L-1011s
The L-1011 was a superior airplane in its day, but like the 707, its
getting old. In the US, Delta and TWA are the majors who still operate
them. I believe Delta is going to retire them as they get their new
777's. I dont know what TWA has planned for them. Eastern also flew
L-1011's.  American Trans Air also flies them in the US. I'm sure
there are other charter and cargo operators that fly them. Air Canada
and Air Transat in Canada also have L-1011's.
In Europe, I think the only operators left are British Airways (I
think they still operate them but I may be least they did
at one time!). German charter operator LTU also flies them.
South America, I know Faucett flies them and I'm sure there are others
though I cant think of them at the moment.
Middle East, at one time Gulf Air was flying L-1011's though I dont
know if theyre still operating them.
Pacific Rim, Cathay Pacific (I think theyve retired theirs by now) and
All Nippon Airways.
Oh, in the US I think also Hawaiian still has some.
These of course are not the only operators but gives some kind of
overview that the 1011 is still around, albeit getting kind of scarce.
Ken Smith
Ft Lauderdale, Florida