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Date:         04 Jan 99 22:20:38 
From: (Ray Clawson)
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On 29 Dec 98 03:12:31 , "Hans Jakobsson" <> keyed the
mic for the PA system and announced in perfect English:

>It seems to me that certain types of the Douglas DC-8 is equipped with
>spoilers/airbrakes (Super 70 series?). I have been searching through my
>source material to find out if the DC-8 was supplied with airbrakes from the
>factory, or if this was something added later.
>Can anyone please shed some light over this, in particular; did the Super 62
>and Super 63 have airbrakes?

I don't know about DC8's from the factory(that was a long time ago) or
any 70 series 8's, but, I am currently flying various 50's, 61's,
62's, and 63's.  The spoiler system on the 8 does not operate as a
speed brake system in flight(there is a placard on the handle that
says something to the effect,"Do not operate in flight").  The
outboard spoilers operate in conjunction with control wheel movement
when the landing gear is down to provide more controllability in slow
flight(flight regimes with the gear down).  The spoilers are armed for
landing on the before landing check list.  With main tire spin-up, the
spoilers will extend on landing.  The spoilers can be manually
deployed if there is something "not right" with the main gear wheel
spin-up or on a rejected takeoff.

The inboard engines on the 50-60 series 8's can be reversed in flight
to serve as speed brakes.   Power can be used up to maximum
continuous(I have never used them past "idle reverse").  The gear and
flaps must be retracted to use this feature.  Speed must be less than
300 knots when coming out of inflight reverse.  The airplane shakes a
lot when using in flight reverse, it's no telling what is going on out
on the pylons.  Most dc8 pilots(including myself) avoid using the
inflight reverse.

Ray Clawson
DC8 Captain

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