Re: 767 Landing Gear

Date:         19 Apr 99 02:21:57 
From:         Robert Johnson <>
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This is a question better asked on the sci.aeronautics.airliners or
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Robert Johnson

Dean wrote:

> I had posted this eariler but it seemed to have disapeered.  Anyway
> I was wondering why the landing gear on the 767 is slanted forward and not
> back like most other planes.  The two front wheels are lower (lots) than the
> back and it seems even a big flare on landing would barly leave the tires
> level.  Why is it only on the 767?  Two of the four main geas on the 747 are
> extreme example of the opposite as the back tires droop alot.  Thanks for
> any imput, I was just curious.
> George