Re: Delta L-1011 Fuel Dump by DFW

Date:         06 Apr 99 11:46:23 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>Anyone know the details on this? Apparently there was an inflight engine
>shutdown due to engine fire with the crew declaring emergency and proceeding
>with a fuel dump.

Sounds like a simple engine failure, possibly a compressor stall, during
takeoff.  While not exactly normal, it happens from time to time.

>I think it was a far east flight.

I don't think Delta operates any Far East flights out of DFW, and even
if they did, I doubt the L-1011 would have the range to fly them.  The
longest mission I'd expect a DL L-1011 to be flying from DFW would be
to Honolulu, if that.  It might also have been a DFW-PDX/LAX flight
which was continuing across the Pacific (with an MD-11).

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