Re: ID'ing aircraft [Re: AA 777-200IGW]

Date:         06 Apr 99 11:46:21 
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>careful as the russian IL96 I think it is which is a copy of the A300
>also has this feature. When the russians copy something they copy
>everything it seems.

If the Il-96 is supposed to be a copy of the A300, it must have been
copied by Russians who had double vision -- the Il-96 has four engines
while the A300 is of course a twin.

The Il-96 is actually derived from the Il-86, which was developed in
the early 1970s, around the same time as the A300.  It undoubtedly
benefited from the A300, but the less-efficient Soviet engines and other
requirements of the Soviet manufacturing and operating environment made
it much less than a straightforward copy.  (Howard Moon's book "Soviet
SST" has some excellent insights on how the Soviets aggressively copied
many details of Western designs while melding them into their own

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