Re: ID'ing aircraft [Re: AA 777-200IGW]

Date:         06 Apr 99 11:46:20 
From:         Trevor Fenn <trevfenn@That'>
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Mike Kotas wrote:
> You can always ID an Airbus plane from a Boeing plane by this
> method......All airplanes have antenna arrays mounted on the
> fuselage....these little fin like structures that are about 1 ft. in size
> with a slightly rearward sloping direction to them. Well all Airbus planes
> (at least A318 and up) have one mounted just above Door 1,

This method is easier, Airbus planes all have the top corner of the
rearmost side cockpit window cut off.  Don't know if this is intended to
be a distinguishing feature of Airbus or not.  However you must be
careful as the russian IL96 I think it is which is a copy of the A300
also has this feature. When the russians copy something they copy
everything it seems.

Trevor Fenn