Re: how does the ILS really work on the B757/767

Date:         06 Apr 99 11:46:15 
From: (Luitbert Schindhelm)
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> just wondering if anyone is familiar with the inner workings of the ILS
> system and how it integrates with the if you dial in the correct
> localizer frequency but mis-set the front course setting how does the system
> work or not work... does it matter if you mis-set it only 10 degrees verses
> 80 AOM is not very helpful and I know this system has screwed
> a few people...

Well I do not exactly know the Avionics system of a B757 works.
But generally, an ILS station will give you only one Radial (and that
should lead you directly to the runway).
It does not matter which course you have selected, it is only a good
practice to dial in the correct course. But this has only an
informational value and does not affect then accuracy of the indication.
It is only important, as you said, that you have dialled in the correct
That is by the way on of the differences to VOR stations, where it is
essential that you also set the correct Radial if you want to reach your



What is an AOM?