Re: Embraer announces new aircraft

Date:         30 Mar 99 01:54:06 
Organization: AOL
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Airplanes of a given class - designed in the same time period - tend to
be similar because the technology available at the time is the driving
factor in the configuration.  Ever notice how few wing mounteded
business jets there are? Why - well, given the size and the engines
available, the aft mounted engine configuration is the one that makes
sense.  727 look alikes?  Given the engines available, for a given size
aircraft they needed three.  The DC10 and L1011.  Given the engines and
technology the aircraft virtually configure themselves.  In some cases,
like the DC9-10, the aft mounted made sense with the size of the
original aircraft ... it only later grew to the size of the first 737 -
and with the 737 at the time it came out, the wing mounted 'won the war
of engineering'.

Right now, we are at the point where, given the engines and materials to
work with, the 70 to 90 seat range can go either way with pluses and
minuses to each.

As for the guy talking about the Shorts FJX - maybe you are right.  It
was only going to be 44 seats, and at the time I reviewed the original
document for it back in about '87, one of our major concerns was the
ground clearance (or lack of) on the engines. Would have made a great
'ramp sweep' though.