Re: ID'ing aircraft [Re: AA 777-200IGW]

Date:         30 Mar 99 01:53:51 
From:         "Mike Kotas" <>
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You can always ID an Airbus plane from a Boeing plane by this
method......All airplanes have antenna arrays mounted on the
fuselage....these little fin like structures that are about 1 ft. in size
with a slightly rearward sloping direction to them. Well all Airbus planes
(at least A318 and up) have one mounted just above Door 1, while the first
antenna on a Boeing plane does not show up until mid-fuselage above the
wings.....Ok OK OK...albeit you probably need to be close (real close to see
it) but check it out the next time you are at an airport!!!!

            Mike Kotas
Passenger Seat Engineer