Re: FedEx MD-10 Rollout

Date:         30 Mar 99 01:53:49 
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  or MIME structure (H Andrew Chuang) wrote:
> >Thanks for the info. Is there any way to visually distinguish the
> >DC-10s and MD-10s (without being on the flight deck, of course)?
> Right on top my head, I can think of at least two: the MD-11 has
> winglets, and the center-engine inlet has a "bulge" on the MD-11.
> (The JT9D-powered DC-10-40 has a similar bulge, but FedEX's MD-10s
> are all CF6-powered DC-10s, IIRC).

The MD-10s do not have either the winglets or the flared No.2 engine intakes.
They also don't have the 'screwdriver' tailcone that is the other
distinguishing feature of the MD-11.

AFAIK, there are *no* visible difference between the MD-10 and the DC-10F.
The only differences are internal: ie 2-man crew, and associated improvements
to the avionics (basically, installing the MD-11 avionics suite).

Winglets and tailcone are each supposed to be worth a couple of % off the
fuel consumption. Anyone know why FedEx didn't add these to the MD-10 as
well, given that they pretty much had to rip the airplanes up for the cargo
and then the MD-10 conversion?

Stefano Pagiola
All opinions are my own.