Re: Fuel Storage on Airliners

Date:         30 Mar 99 01:53:42 
From: (AirFX)
Organization: AOL
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>Belly landings would
>obviously not be advisable!

Methinks the mere risk of a belly landing would be enough to scratch the
idea (although it is a pretty clever one!).  That and the structural
strength of the aircraft may need some significant work, for 70000lbs of
fuel sloshing around in the cavity may give the pilots a fun time
considering the major center of gravity shifts going on...especially
during takeoff...  It's like one of those novelty items with the long,
thin glass box that teeter totters  with the water inside making waves
and stuff.  Imagine that as the fuselage of a 747...and all I can say
is:  "Motion sickness bag."  But you know what, if one can engineer a
way to keep this fluid from "makin' waves," I think you may be on to

I'm no engineer, but one studying to be one...but don't take my word for
it.  It's more of seat-of-the-pants knowledge :0)