Re: Fuel Storage on Airliners

Date:         30 Mar 99 01:53:38 
From: (Eeeb)
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On 17 Mar 99 01:25:07, wrote:

>	Extremely rough back-of-the-envelope calculations seem
>to indicate that if a 747 fuselage had a double jacket with a one-inch
>gap for fuel, the fuel capacity can be increased by roughly 10000
>gallons (about 70000 lbs).

The fuselage weighs very roughly 100000 pounds already. Doubling the
weight to add a second layer creates an awfully heavy fuel tank.

The basic problem here is submarines displace a dense substance,
water.  Aircraft displace a light substance, air.  So the weight
'cost' of a second 'fuselage' in a submarine is much easier to recover
by displacing more water.   Not so in airliners... ie. subs can float
in their medium... airliners can't.  So weight means a lot less to a
sub than it means to a plane.

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