Re: Fuel Dump Question

Date:         30 Mar 99 01:53:35 
From: (AirFX)
Organization: AOL
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I'm no expert on procedures and things, but assuming fuel dumping occurs
at a place where humans don't normally breathe?  Not often do I see
someone up at 10,000 feet or wherever (with the exception of say,
Colorado...but I don't think its land elevation is near 10K) breathing.
Plus, unless it's relatively low, doesn't the fuel vaporize, not
showering those below with flammable fluids?

I'm assuming "large aircraft jettison(ing) fuel every day" would be due
to emergencies, forced landings, etc., which are obviously NOT routine.
This would be the case where they are jettisoning to not land
overweight.  Should the normal flight be completed without a hitch, fuel
SHOULDN'T be needed to jettison to reduce landing weight,.  Common
knowledge states that planes burn fuel en-route.  It doesn't take an
idiot to figure that out.  So, for example, the plane flying from JFK to
say, Paris, would have burned enough fuel en-route that a jettison would
not be needed prior to landing.  I'm just regurgitating common
knowledge, I know, but what I'm eventually trying to say is, you must
examine the REASON why the plane is jettisoning...ever consider the
possibility of an emergency?  You must also realize that when you ask,
and I quote, "what about the fuel jettison systems incorporated on many
large aircraft that dump fuel prior to landing?"  That they are there
for use in emergencies.  They are NOT there just simply to dump before
landing as a procedure.  They are there IN CASE a plane has to dump to
reduce weight.

Oh, and an aircraft jettisoning fuel into the "atmosphere that we
breathe" is nowhere near the crap that is released into the air by the
sheer multitudes of cars and busses found on this planet.  (I can almost
safely say automobiles and such number quite a bit more than the number
of aircraft out there.)

Basically, one must examine the facts before making accusations that
large aircraft jettison everyday.  Think of WHY.  Look at the whole
argument.  THEN make an educated conclusion.

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