Re: loss of glideslope

Date:         30 Mar 99 01:53:29 
From: (Jim Barbour)
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises
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On 17 Mar 99 01:24:57 , David Lybäck <> wrote:
>I wonder how often it happens (e.g. during heavy precip., esp. snow),
>that you loose glideslope indication during approach.

I've had it happen once (in 6000 hours).  Then, after we touched down,
I lost all of my EFIS.  This was in an Embraer Brasilia.  It is
especially susceptible because most of the avionics are in the nose.
Add a leaky radome and let the fun begin. Many of my co-workers have
experienced the same sorts of things( always in rain).  The ATR 72 I
fly now seems much better in this respect.  Most of the radios are in
racks behind the pilots.

>It must be a rather difficult mental switch to suddenly start using
>other mean of navigation during approach; can you actually continue with
>only localizer, dist., and radar alt, and make a cat i-iii without
>glideslope ?

ILS minimums require glideslope info.  Without g/s it becomes a
non-precision approach requiring a level off at MDA(minimum descent
altitude)  usually a couple hundred feet higher.

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