Re: C5 Galaxy at SFO?

Date:         30 Mar 99 01:53:25 
From:         "Voyager" <voyager@ccountry>
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The Prez. came to Bakersfield CA in 92.  With him was Air Force One, The
Galaxie, and a Starlifter.  We didn't get to see the 747 or C-5 leave, but
we were viewing a B-17 at the head of the taxiway when the C-141 was
leaving.  The wingspan exceeded the width of the runway and when he powered
up, so did a large cloud of debris.  My brother and I had walked around to
the runway side of the Flying Fortress (on an apron approx. 300 ft.
diagonally from the runway), for a better view, we were pelted big time!
Everything 45 degrees in it's wake got hit, including the Fortress which
didn't make the owners to happy.

But it was an awesome sight.  If the 141 did that, imagine what the Galaxie