Re: ETOPS 240 mins

Date:         30 Mar 99 01:53:14 
From: (PPowondra)
Organization: AOL
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>>Karl sums up the ETOPS discussion pretty well....I can't remember which of
>>the North Pacific routes there was a question on, but twins were only able
>>to fly it if you considered the US air force base on Easter Island (?) as a
>>viable alternate airport.

>That would be Midway Island.  Easter Island also (barely) plugs a big
>hole for 180-minute ETOPS rules, but it's in the South Pacific.  An
>example of a route which depends on it is Santiago to Papete; see

You might be thinking of Shemya AFB out in the
western end of the Aleutians.  It would be on the
great circle route from North America to Asia.
Not the best place as an alternate, especially with
a twin with an engine out - tricky cross winds
and capricious weather out there.