Fuel Storage on Airliners

Date:         17 Mar 99 01:25:07 
From:         Balaji.Ramanathan@ual.com
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	I found out recently that conventional submarines (as opposed
to nuclear ones) have a double layered hull and the space between
the two layers is used to store fuel.  I am wondering if this
approach is viable for airliners.

	Extremely rough back-of-the-envelope calculations seem
to indicate that if a 747 fuselage had a double jacket with a one-inch
gap for fuel, the fuel capacity can be increased by roughly 10000
gallons (about 70000 lbs).  I would guess this is quite a significant
amount of extra fuel and can potentially increase the range without
impacting cargo storage or passenger space.

	What are the issues here?  I am guessing that the landing
gear has to be significantly strengthened and some runways would
need to be lengthened/strengthened.  The most important question is
whether there is a major safety issue here.  Belly landings would
obviously not be advisable!

	On the plus side, I would guess that the modifications needed
to make the fuselage double-jacketed would increase the structural
integrity of the aircraft significantly.

	Any comments are welcome.

Balaji Ramanathan