Re: TWA and the A318 and 717

Date:         13 Jan 99 02:13:45 
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In article <airliners.1999.1@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Vince Lanza <> wrote:
> The 318 comes in for the longer routes that
> demand greater frequency, and frequency is a thing that
> Southwest has proven to be effective. As for the 318 being a

The high frequency issue is related to the 717, not to the
Airbus 318 according to Gitner.

> new aircraft type, TWA is buying into the A320 family of
> aircraft and will be phasing out the DC9/MD80 family. On TWA
> press release web page they discuss that the number of
> aircraft types will remain basically the same with the
> retirement of the 727's by the end of 1999. Since the end of
> the DC9/MD80 product lines is near it makes sense to invest
> in a newer aircraft with a broad family offering simplifying
> maintenance and training later on.

If simplifying maintenance is such an issue, then why does TW
just run with an airbus family only or a boeing family only???
Why didn't they consider then buying the 717 and the MD-90
or A-319/320/321s?  Since TW will receive 24 MD-83s next year,
you can hardly discount the longevity or presence of additional
MD aircraft.

> TWA has become an all P&W airline, with the 318 and A320
> family that will continue. Of course the 717's will not have
> P&W engines, but they will account for a smaller share of
> the fleet. Also by choosing the engines for the 717's they
> are covering the order of engines that would have gone on
> the 330's, this way everyone is happy.

50 aircraft is not a small number when your fleet is under 250.

> TWA's on-time performance has been number 1 the past three
> months, and within the top 3 I believe for the rest of the
> year. Start flight performance is up and schedule completion
> is higher than it has ever been. As newer, less maintenance
> needy aircraft come online, these should improve even
> further.

Unfortunately, wait until the december figures come out.


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