Re: B 737-500 Depressurization Incident

Date:         17 Mar 99 01:25:01 
From: (Gerard Foley)
Organization: The Greater Columbus FreeNet
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JF Mezei ( wrote:
: Puranjai Dass wrote:
: > The cabin altitude
: > warning (an intermittent horn) sounded at 10,000 cabin altitude and this
: > was silenced by the F/O operating the horn cutout. He then armed the
: > passenger oxygen switch. The aircraft cabin altitude continued to climb.
: > Approaching a cabin altitude of 14,000 ft the Captain ordered manual
: > deployment of the passenger oxygen masks.

: Is it an urban myth that oxygen masks automatically deploy ?  How come they
: required manual intervention to be deployed when just about every safety
: briefing to pax mention "will automatically deploy in the unlikely event of a
: de-pressurisation" ? ?

In the cited case, the pressure was increasing.  The automatic deployment
would presumably be for decreasing pressure.