Re: Quality Control of Delivered Airliners

Date:         17 Mar 99 01:24:55 
From: (Katie Schwarz)
Organization: University of California, Berkeley
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In article <airliners.1999.260@ohare.Chicago.COM>,  <> wrote:
>I'm a resident of Everett, Washington living near the wide body assembly
>plant for Boeing.  Does anyone know the regulations/company policy regarding
>test flying before delivery?  I see several heavy aircraft in the Airline
>livery but never see any flight testing conducted.  Is their a shakeout
>proceedure before the Airlines accept delivery?

When I took the tour at the Everett plant, they said that there are
three stages of testing: by Boeing, by the airline, and by the FAA.  I
think the flight testing is done mostly at Boeing Field near Seattle
rather than at Everett; is that right?

>  Also if flight testing is
>done to green airplanes how can they simulate center of gravity issues
>without a full pax load/or cargo.

Barrels of water.

Katie Schwarz
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