Re: 727 v-speeds

Date:         17 Mar 99 01:24:48 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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At 03:54 AM 3/11/99, you wrote:
>A follow-up; are the leading edge slats adjusted as are the flaps, or are
>they just two position, open/closed?

Leading edge slats are not adjustable. In fact they are often refered to
as 'flaps 1'.  The first detent on the flaps lever deploys the leading
edge slats, and it is an all or nothing proposition on all of the
aircraft I am familiar with. The effect aerodynamcally is much different
than flaps, in that the slats (and the krueger flaps which are the inner
leading edge slats) just 'thicken' the wing, greating increasing the low
speed lift.