Re: Concorde fuel dump question--

Date:         17 Mar 99 01:24:46 
Organization: AOL
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While I do not consider myself an expert on the Concorde, it would be
possible that fuel was dumped. My references quote the maximum takeoff
weight of 408,000 lbs. Max landing weight is around 245,000 lbs. If they
did leave JFK at max t.o. weight, they would have had to get rid of that
fuel one way or another to get down to around max landing weight.  I
don't know the typical weights that the Concorde operates of of JFK at,
but assuming they left JFK at max weight and the problem they
encountered was not critical, they probably took the time to lose the
fuel. Whether or not it is a major safety risk is a matter of opinion.
While aircraft can land over the max landing weight, it will lead to
time consuming maintenace inspections which the airline would like to