777 lights question.

Date:         17 Mar 99 01:24:43 
From:         adrian.cybriwsky@yale.edu (Adrian Cybriwsky)
Organization: Yale University
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I have a question regarding the external lights on the 777,
specifically, the ones used by singapore airlines.  Imagine I
am looking at one such that I see its left profile (the port
side of the plane).

Clearly I can see the right wingtip with its red light.  And
I should be able to see the strobe at the tail.  And I also
believe there is some sort of white light or strobe on top of
the fuselage, I believe roughly at the frame that corresponds
to the engines, I believe.

can somebody fill me in as to the correctness of what I have
noted previously, adding what flashes and, if it flashes,
approximately how many times per second/minute, and perhaps
any other lights that might be seen in the profile view.

FWIF:  i am writing a program which features a picture of a 777
and I would like to automate it so that the lights flash
appropriately (previous software I have written uses GA aircraft,
but I know how the lights on those work / behave).  Hence my


(replies by email or to newsgroup would be great)