Re: caravelle accidents

Date:         17 Mar 99 01:24:36 
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RampRat wrote in message ...
>I am looking for any data that may be available on crashes involving
>Caravelle and Super Caravelle aircraft (apart from those damaged in war

Check out "Air Disaster 1" which is a british publication, but you can get
from any quality bookstore or  It tells of a Swiss Air Caravelle
flight  that crashed  shortly after takeoff from Zurich Airport on September
4, 1963.

[Moderator's Note: It's an Australian publication, actually.  The
author, Macarthur Job, is a former Senior Investigator with Australia's
Air Safety Investigation Branch.  The third volume of this series just
came out and given the quality of the first two, I can't wait until my
copy arrives.  -- Karl]

Hope it helps.

Efrem K. Sepulveda